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We produce and sell Lurik, Craft of Lurik, Ikat and other crafts
Welcome to blog of lurik-pedan. Here we provide a variety of Pedan's weaving products, already well known throughout the archipelago and worlwide. In addition to producing fabrics with traditional motifs, we also produce ethnic motifs from different areas but we still maintain the Pedan typical. weaving centers in the Pedan Village, about 10 kilometers from the city of Klaten. District of Klaten make Pedan as places to fabrics dan fashion tour.
Bermimpilah besar karena Rajamu besar...Anak Kerajaan tidak takut dengan kata orang, tetapi melekatkan hatinya pada Sang Raja...Bukan engkau yang hebat, tetapi Rajamu yang hebat
Kami melayani pembuatan Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (ATBM/Traditional Loom) untuk keperluan pengrajin, pelatihan, pameran, instansi dll.
We serve the manufacture of Traditional Loom machinery for craftsmen, training, exhibitions,institutions,etc.

Komodo Island is a small island located between Sumbawa and Flores Island. This island is famous as the habitat of the Komodo, the largest lizard that still exist in this civilization. Komodo Varanus or Komodoensis, referred to as the 'ora' by local residents. This animal can grow to as long as 4 meters, and trusted that this animal is the rest of ancient animals that already exist about 500 years ago. Komodo dragons live from eating other animals such as goats, deer and even its own kind of dead.

The island population is largely inhabited fishing village that is also called Komodo. They work as food supplier for the Komodo. Komodo including animal protected by the state. Although they said did not dangerous, but better to keep distance from them. A guide is required if you want to see this animal in the afternoon. Around the island also offers spectacular views of the sea is very beautiful, crystal clear sea water and white sandy beaches. Only one accommodation is only a simple accommodation is there in the fishing village nearby. Komodo Island can be reached by ferry boat from Sape on Sumbawa or Flores via Manggarai.


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