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We produce and sell Lurik, Craft of Lurik, Ikat and other crafts
Welcome to blog of lurik-pedan. Here we provide a variety of Pedan's weaving products, already well known throughout the archipelago and worlwide. In addition to producing fabrics with traditional motifs, we also produce ethnic motifs from different areas but we still maintain the Pedan typical. weaving centers in the Pedan Village, about 10 kilometers from the city of Klaten. District of Klaten make Pedan as places to fabrics dan fashion tour.
Bermimpilah besar karena Rajamu besar...Anak Kerajaan tidak takut dengan kata orang, tetapi melekatkan hatinya pada Sang Raja...Bukan engkau yang hebat, tetapi Rajamu yang hebat
Kami melayani pembuatan Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (ATBM/Traditional Loom) untuk keperluan pengrajin, pelatihan, pameran, instansi dll.
We serve the manufacture of Traditional Loom machinery for craftsmen, training, exhibitions,institutions,etc.

Threat and environmental problems facing mankind today is global warming and climate change. Indonesia has an important role in global climate change issues by providing environmental services in the form of absorption of carbon emissions from existing forests.
Government of Indonesia through the Forestry ministry to take steps to control climate change and global warming with the movement of one man one tree. Let's participate to the success of the movement one man one tree for a better life.
Forest area of Indonesia which has 120.3 million hectares is believed to be able to absorb emissions significantly. However, deforestation and forest degradation in Indonesia is also considered as a source of carbon emissions because the CO2 released into the atmosphere. In good forest conditions, forest resources and useful as a store of carbon emissions or absorbent Greenhouse Gas (Grk). However, the forest conditions that are less good, regarded as a source of carbon emissions because the CO2 released into the atmosphere. According to the Stern Report, deforestation contributes 18% of the total world emissions Grk, and 75% are from developing countries.

The Indonesian government targets, in 2009 Indonesia was the nation able to plant as many as 230 million trees. In order to meet the target of planting one tree, the Indonesian people have to work and strive to awaken and develop the participation of the widest. By calculating the per person, then individually, in families, groups, RT, RW, Village, Sub-District, District, Regional, Local Government to participate must be sought to planting trees. We must start from ourselves, we start from our own environment, we start from now, ONE MAN ONE TREE!
Movement tree planting and maintenance should continue to be promoted and carried out continuously in the growing season each year. Within 5 to 10 years, the Indonesian people will enjoy the beautiful green earth serial Indonesia.

Forestry Department made various efforts to participate in controlling climate change and global warming. Effort involving all components of this nation, in principle, is to reproduce the trees and plants that reproduce the absorption of elements harmful gases, and preserving existing forests. Forestry Department effort to do the tree planting on a large scale and maintain the integrity of forest ecosystems, among others with:

  • HTI program, until the year 2009 has been embedded in the tree area of 4.2 million ha of the targeted 5 million ha.
  • Gerhan program until the year 2009 has been embedded in the tree area of 3.7 million ha of the targeted 5 million ha.
  • Expansion and Intensification Program Forest until the year 2009 has been planted 1.7 million ha of the targeted 2 million ha.
  • Forest Plantation Development of the People until the year 2015 with a target of 5.4 million ha.
  • Forest Village until the year 2015 with a target of 2.1 million ha,
  • Community Forest until the year 2015 with a target of 2.1 million ha.
In addition to these programs, the Ministry of Forestry also has tried reducing deforestation and forest degradation and land of 2.83 million ha / year in 1999-2000 to 1.08 million ha / year in 2000-2006, lowering land degraded or critical from 59.3 million ha by the year 2005 to 30 million hectares after the year 2005. Lowering the level of illegal logging and illegal timber trade from 9600 cases at the end of 2004 to 300 cases at the end of 2008, as well as controlling the level of land and forest fires by reducing the amount of 121,622 hotspot point in 2006, 27,247 points in 2007 and until 11 November 2008 17,020 observed points. Compared in 2006 in a fire-prone provinces, in 2007 a decline in the hotspot by 78% and in 2008 a decline in the hotspot for 86%.

The next step, the Ministry of Forestry invites people of all components simultaneously planting activities nationwide that have begun since 2007 with a target of 79 million trees, and in 2008 with a target of 100 million trees. Realization, the targets were exceeded. Trees that had grown beyond the proclaimed goals. Planting simultaneously nationwide in 2007 realized 86.9 million trees. Women's Movement and Maintain Planting Trees in 2007 as many as 10 million stems, realized 14.1 million stems. Simultaneously Planting Movement 100 million trees in 2008 has been realized as much as 109 million stems (more than 100%). Planting Movement and the Women's Food Security Program (GPT-PKP) was also realized more than 100% ie 5,083,467 of 5,010,000 plan stems from the rod. Similarly, partnership with various religious organizations in planting trees, has planted 700 million trees.

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