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We produce and sell Lurik, Craft of Lurik, Ikat and other crafts
Welcome to blog of lurik-pedan. Here we provide a variety of Pedan's weaving products, already well known throughout the archipelago and worlwide. In addition to producing fabrics with traditional motifs, we also produce ethnic motifs from different areas but we still maintain the Pedan typical. weaving centers in the Pedan Village, about 10 kilometers from the city of Klaten. District of Klaten make Pedan as places to fabrics dan fashion tour.
Bermimpilah besar karena Rajamu besar...Anak Kerajaan tidak takut dengan kata orang, tetapi melekatkan hatinya pada Sang Raja...Bukan engkau yang hebat, tetapi Rajamu yang hebat
Kami melayani pembuatan Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (ATBM/Traditional Loom) untuk keperluan pengrajin, pelatihan, pameran, instansi dll.
We serve the manufacture of Traditional Loom machinery for craftsmen, training, exhibitions,institutions,etc.


Candi Borobudur - Central Java
Borobudur is a Buddhist nation building in the world. With the architecture resembles a blooming lotus flower in the middle of the pond. Estimates before the temple was located in the middle of the lake and seemed to float in the lake. In fact, when the concept was really amazing architecture and right that Borobudur was built on the lake Sailendra Dinasty. Ga sunsetnya and also less interesting.

Prambanan - Central Java
sunset and prambanan temple presents a different mood this afternoon

Amid the city of Jakarta
Jakarta, not only in the city's famous traffic jams, but interesting exotica. One of the sunset.

Mount Krakatau - West Java
Mount Krakatau dubbed the Seven Wonders of Banten. Yes, Krakatau into something interesting but terrifying. Krakatoa interesting with her beauty shown today, but very scary when we hear or read stories when Mount Krakatoa is raging and destroying the land of Banten and Lampung.

Jimbaran - Bali
Jimbaran has long been known as one tourist attraction which is obligatory if we are to visit Bali.

Lake Maninjau - West Sumatra
Maninjau Lake County is located in West Sumatra agam, precisely in Greater Harbor District.
This lake is about 140 kilometers from the city of Padang, West Sumatra provincial capital, 36 km from Bukittinggi, the second largest city in West Sumatra, after the fields and 27 km from Lubuk Basung, the district capital agam.
Lake Maninjau a volcanic lake is situated at an altitude of 461.50 meters above sea level.

Sengigi beach - lombok
If you go to the island of Bali Kuta, Sanur, Legian, Senggigi Lombok island did not lose beautiful

Kuta Beach also known sunset beach  is one of Bali's tourism most sought after by domestic and foreign guests are also not issued by the Balinese themselves. Every day or per week and long vacations, the beach is always crowded with local visitors, domestic and foreign. if not satisfied without traveling to Bali Kuta Beach.

Parangtritis - D.I. yogyakarta
Parangtritis, where tourism is a form of Indian Ocean coast, located approximately 25 kilometers south of Yogyakarta. The beach is quite popular in Yogyakarta. Has a natural charm that can be taken from various locations and so the visits are more variable.

Magical Sunset of Uluwatu, Bali

Sunset in Toba Lake, North Sumatra

Sunset in Pulau Umang (Umang Island), Banten

A Dolphin at Sunset in Papua


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