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We produce and sell Lurik, Craft of Lurik, Ikat and other crafts
Welcome to blog of lurik-pedan. Here we provide a variety of Pedan's weaving products, already well known throughout the archipelago and worlwide. In addition to producing fabrics with traditional motifs, we also produce ethnic motifs from different areas but we still maintain the Pedan typical. weaving centers in the Pedan Village, about 10 kilometers from the city of Klaten. District of Klaten make Pedan as places to fabrics dan fashion tour.
Bermimpilah besar karena Rajamu besar...Anak Kerajaan tidak takut dengan kata orang, tetapi melekatkan hatinya pada Sang Raja...Bukan engkau yang hebat, tetapi Rajamu yang hebat
Kami melayani pembuatan Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (ATBM/Traditional Loom) untuk keperluan pengrajin, pelatihan, pameran, instansi dll.
We serve the manufacture of Traditional Loom machinery for craftsmen, training, exhibitions,institutions,etc.


Indonesia is very rich in the diversity of birds in the region. One of the most beautiful birds, the birds of paradise, is Cendrawasih (Paradisaea raggiana). Nowadays, this kind of beautiful bird is about facing its extinction. Why why why? People keep hunting them. Why again? Ough, this is a money talk.
Unfortunately, the birds have been listed as endangered and trapping. The export are illegal, but still, all species of this bird are still being traded illegally on the black market.

“Burung Cendrawasih”, is the Indonesian name of this bird. We can easily recognize them, of course! They are very different with another species. Well, they have such rare and beautiful plumage. Burung Cendrawasih size is about 13 inches in length (33 cm). They fly slowly, but they have a graceful appearance.

 Buah Merah

Traditionally, Papua people had consumed buah merah, either those who live in shore or mountain area. Other than as food source, they had used buah merah as food natural color and craft industry materials. Traditional people also recognized buah merah as medicine, but only to cure intestinal worm, skin disease, and to prevent blindness. In addition, they also recognized buah merah to increase energy.

Even though with no single piece of cloth covered up their body, the people were able to survive living at a very cool temperature circumstance -20ÂșC- even at night. Women who consumed buah merah oil will recover soon after delivered baby. A mother who suckled baby traditionally had to consume buah merah oil to increase quality of mother’s milk.

Even the Papua people have consumed buah merah since long time a go, until year 2000 no single of Papua people realized that buah merah oil is not only to cure intestinal worm, skin disease, and to increase energy. In fact, buah merah oil is able to cure degenerative diseases such as cancer, tumor, hearth, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, and stroke diseases. Furthermore, accompanied with consuming animal protein, buah merah oil is proven to slow down and kill HIV/AIDS virus.
They consumed buah merah mixed with vegetable, sago, sweet potato/cassava and meat. They used buah merah oil to preserve food like sago and meat. Meat that was poured with buah merah oil was still consumable until 1 month and sago which was poured with buah merah oil still consumable up to 1-2 years. Buah Merah also used to produce sauce and oil. Food would be more delicious and good smell if the food was poured with buah merah oil.
Examination also found that buah merah could be processed to become good natural color source for food, industrial material and cosmetic.
The people also used buah merah as craft industry material. Leaves, bark, and root of buah merah plants could be used as fastener, seat base, and bed. In addition, the old leaf of buah merah plant was plaited become mat, while the young leaf used as substitute for cigarette pack.


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